Harm - EP

by Stephen Harper

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Album artwork information:


released October 19, 2015

Engineered by: E
Produced by: E and J

Additional Vocals on 'Harm' by: Leela
Guitars on 'Disorder' performed by: E
Guitars on 'Harm', 'Oilpig', and 'Cloaks' performed by: J



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Stephen Harper Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Harm
You lack compassion
You lack empathy
And in retrospective
You lack perspective

Your system of believing
Ignorant flag raising
Indoctrination from birth
Spreading yourself like a virus

Materialist, sadistic flaws
Hand in hand, reward in pocket
Assimilation for profit
Know your place or be destroyed

Ad nauseam
The cycle of poverty continues
The blame shifted from the powerful
Stepping on the weak

Sickening fetishism
Bringing harm to the people
Lynched and burned
Public spectacle of gore

Oblivious to the obvious
Or ignorance by choice
Fear and pain before your eyes
Too entertained to make a difference

Being a gear in the machine
life has no real meaning
Your authority is blasphemy
Your "values" don't mean shit to me
Track Name: Oilpig
Don't believe the words you hear from people paid to lie to you
It's your "best interest" not to know the truth
I've got this ringing in my ears, a whine
You're a child locked in a crib, controlled

They look down on us everyday
Royalty among the peasants
Rats in a maze, running for the cheese
Golden handshake
Money in their pockets

Greasy pigs
Gluttonous ways
Track Name: Cloaks (2015 Extended Version)
I spoke to God, and he told me to burn alive
So I killed the non believers
Do I deserve to be crucified with my mother watching?
Moses spoke to God, he was a prophet
I spoke to God, now they're going to get me

I covered their cadavers with sheets in the grass
I can't take it, their gazes won't pass

Empty, cold, dark stare
The stench of iron in the air
Corpses cloaked in white
Bright, in the black of night