by Stephen Harper

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released July 28, 2016

Engineered by: E
Produced by: E and J
Bass, Programming, and Vocals by: J
Guitars and Programming by: E

Photo manipulation by: Ian Dreamcast and J

Additional Vocals on 'Harm' by: Leela Haynes
Bass on 'Dolls' by: Eric Cherrington
Drum Loops on the intro of 'Spinal' by: Sebastian Komor
Guitars on 'Harm' and 'Beyond' by: J
Guitars and Vocals on 'Rooftops, Part Three' by: Bratton Young

All songs written by: E and J



all rights reserved


Stephen Harper Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Hatch
Track Name: Harm
You lack compassion
You lack empathy
And in retrospective
You lack perspective

Your system of believing
Ignorant flag raising
Indoctrination from birth
Spreading yourself like a virus

Materialist, sadistic flaws
Hand in hand, reward in pocket
Assimilation for profit
Know your place or be destroyed

Ad nauseam
The cycle of poverty continues
The blame shifted from the powerful
Stepping on the weak

Sickening fetishism
Bringing harm to the people
Lynched and burned
Public spectacle of gore

Oblivious to the obvious
Or ignorance by choice
Fear and pain before your eyes
Too entertained to make a difference

Being a gear in the machine
Life has no real meaning
Your authority is blasphemy
Your "values" don't mean shit to me
Track Name: Spinal
Salt the wound, challenge the jury
Hammer the gavel, prepare for life sentence, merciless system
No chance of repentance

White, Black, Asian, Mexican, think you're safe, guess again!
Break your back without a thought, take you for all you've got

The system's gonna blow
Inequality's the name of the game
Hoarding wealth for their own aims

Moraless liars set the world on fire
The elite battle for power and fame
Targeting you to slaughter and maim

Open your palms
Ill puke in your hands

Win the rat-race but still a rat
Recognize your fate at the claws of the cat

I have no mouth but I must scream
Society's bleeding, cant you see?

Break your back without a thought, leave your lifeless corpse to rot

The system's gonna blow
Inequality's the name of the game
Hoarding wealth for their own aims

Gods to men
Do it again and again
Smashing your face against the glass
Skinning you from your head to your ass
Track Name: Terrorcycle
We're living in a state of fear
The end of human life is near
The end of all life as we know it
Burned to the ground in a moment

Who's the real enemy?
Our friends and kin of different skin?
Or the policy makers and their sins?

The cycle of terror
Recycling error
The same old story and we ignore it

The cycle of terror
Recycling error
Feeding on weakness
Residing in bleakness

Crooked windows
Portray the truth
The decimation
Left for our youth

Burn the cigars into their foreheads
Military action from the government faction
Track Name: Hookers of Jesus
Free thinking and logic set aside, to do the bidding of power divine
Close your mind and open your mouth
Swallow the body, drink the blood
Give your free will to the cause
Absorb the doctrine into your soul
Exquisite robes deceive the masses
The naive soliciting their righteous teachings
The holy ghost keeps it's pimp hand strong
You hate for God, war for God, you'd go so far as to fuck your God
Close your mind and open your womb

Hookers of Jesus, give their souls, heart, and body to the cult
Holy virgins, blinding light
Tear each other limb from limb, on your knees and sing thy hymn
Conform or burn, lowered into the lake of fire
Sacred texts manipulated, to fit your ideal corrupt agenda
Leading an army of the dazed and gullible
Immaculate conception
The halo, the monolith
Distorted perception
Annihilate all who oppose
Track Name: Rooftops, Part Three
There was a time when I could not imagine
Years of accomplishments and living gone in mere seconds
But as I get wiser, as I get older
I have realized that life never stops getting colder

And I'm scared
What if I get bolder?
And I'm scared
What if I always feel alone?
Track Name: Smile
Track Name: The Killing Joke, Part One
Junkie shot up in a stall
Filth overflowing from toilet bowls
Dirty hands and dirty souls
Limping through hell's halls
Choked by pollutants
And ungrateful witches

Held back by the badge
Stabbing into my heart
Dripping on the tile
City walks defiled
I give her everything
I give it all

Nothing's good enough for a broken jaw
Kept locked alone in cuffs
Skin flakes, rubbed raw

Cracked, stalled breathing
Purple marks around the neck
Distinguished from the violet face
Eyes removed from the source
Embarrassment or remorse?
Witness to the darkest soul
Motive is still unclear
But to fill the graves with fear
The method is but the same
It's all connected
Fingers like a fucking noose
Crawling across the walls
Pursuing the devil, I'm the clergy
To exorcise my metropolis
To take back control of what is mine
To put the pigs back in line
Track Name: Beyond
There is nothing beyond the sea
No greater purpose, no hope
There is no hope for a better life
The grass is dead and frail on both sides
Washed away into the cold
The ice forms around my bones
Battery dead, can't phone home
No choice but to go it alone

The verses stay the same
The chorus wont go away
The same dark tune trapped inside your head
The same dark voices tell you you're dead

Everday my own flesh condemns me
Everyday my own heart abandons me
Everyday gets harder and harder
My own thoughts frightening me
Track Name: The Killing Joke, Part Two
The world breaks in two with my hands crawling through
The openings of your rib-cage
Tearing out your heart
Ending a life of worthless struggle and purging the sickness further
Blackened hearts on display in glass cases for the world to see
Morbid curiosity and voyeuristic tendencies
The pills dont work to keep the urges at bay
I've never felt so high, I've never felt so free

We await your return to the garden
The human virus spreads from host to host
The human cult is

Track Name: Filth House
Sitting on a throne of lies
False supremacy, diluting identity
Filthy handshake, covered in flies
White wash personality, noble intensity
Apathy to apartheid, sovereign superiority
Imperial indignity
White knuckle of the royal fist
Disappear without a trace, dragged across the dirty floor
Drowned in the holy waters
Culture scraped from the bone

Forgotten friends left behind
Tested on like fucking rats
Clutch your breath like a noose
Grind your bones into dust
House of filth, darkest walls
Worthless Corpse dumped in a furnace

Locust fields of grey
Burned alive, body flayed
Flesh frayed, religious hate
Stripped bare to initiate
Track Name: The Killing Joke, Part Three
Once upon a time I knew this girl
All torn apart in her world
One day it all came to pass
Things disappeared so fucking fast

Oh, God, what about that girl?
With no one left in the world
I can only hope to cleanse and purge
All feeling from this Earth
Oh, God, what about that girl?
Ripped apart by the world
Red tint
Photos from the crime scene
Bring back memories that I'd much rather forget

The medication won't work to keep the nightmares away
I can't forget all I've seen
I can the flesh pick off under my fingernails
Nothing can save me from the absence of hope


They want to put me in a cell
Four walls, steel bars
I can break anything, break out of anything
End anyone, end you
I can snap your bones with my bare hands

Society's dark and violent fantasy, playing on your TV screen
Hands are wet, red, and warm, what could this mean?
When I look at my reflection, I'm digusted with what I see
The joke isn't funny anymore

Now that I realise the joke is me
Track Name: Empty
Track Name: Dolls
You want to be skinny
You want to be thin
You gorge and vomit just to fit in
You need to indulge in the latest threads
Lay your head on indiscriminate beds

Feeling so cool
Playing the fool
But skin and bone
Home alone

Fall through the cracks
Flat frame slips through openings
Shatter like a porcelain doll
Roll up your sleeves take the fall

Hang your mask from the rafters
There is no "forever after"
Blackened arm and track marks sing
Songs of what could have been

Frozen, little boy crying
Desire to thaw but cryogenic
Dark room red light
Basement under the stairs

Burning skull, the child screams
Make it stop melt the scalp
Fire cracker cranial opening
Skin melting, seizure impending

Sealing the cracks in your skin
Grinding your teeth against the grain

Basement under the stairs
Track Name: Burned Alive
The film reel twists and burns
The movie is over
The credits are rolling
You don't get a happy ending
All you get are names
Names without faces
Faces with price tags
Price tags with no value
Somewhere out there in the world
A mother is crying for her baby
But her body is roadkill on the highway
And that's your legacy, are you happy?

Isn't this great?
20 dollar bill rolled up to snort
Flying high at the landfill
Society lays in ashes
I'll be on my knees ready to suck from the hand that feeds
Don't chew but remember to swallow
Remember to do what you're told

They're always watching
81 eyes on you at any given time
81 eyes that don't need to blink
81 eyes that never dry out
81 eyes strung up real eye
81 eyes connected to mouths that lie
81 eyes that look inside
81 eyes that pierce the mind

Snorting the misery of the hungry and the poor
Dig my boots in the mud
Swatting flies off his tie
Strip me down to the bone
Burn my body, rape my soul
Snort my ashes off your throne
Supremacy's your final goal

Lifeless bodies dragged across the gravel
Torn apart and elongated cadavers
Without dignity without hope
Bones crushed to dust under the weight of the ruling class

The human race should be erased

Somewhere out there, a mother is crying for her baby
Your inactivity, your ignorance
She's lost forever, are you happy?

I'll shatter the fucking stone
Slam my knuckles to the bone
I'll make myself known
You reap what you have sewn

In the black of night
No energy left to fight
Beaten like a fucking animal
Ripped apart by cannibals

Somewhere out there, a mother is crying for her baby
Raped and slaughtered, tattered and torn
And that's your legacy, are you fucking happy?
Track Name: Awaken Alive, Reprise