Abandonment Issues

by Stephen Harper

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released October 31, 2014

Engineered and Produced by: E



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Stephen Harper Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Awaken Alive
A new day, a new dawn. Spring is here again. Everything begins. The cycle starts and connects. A new day... a new dawn.

The first day of the rest of your life begins now.

Track Name: Workers' Comp.
I bust through the door
Like breaching with swat
My rifle is loaded
My barrells are cocked

Gonna blow you away
Gonna shut you down

Im not taking prisoners
Every person's collateral
Dont give a shit that you're married
You dont give a shit about my life

Gonna blow you away
Gonna shut you down

My compensation
My reimbursement
My fucking severence
My fucking pleasure

Ill give you severence
When I sever your head
From your shit swallowing neck
You can kiss my ass in death

No police can stop me
Itll take a fucking army
Dispatch is time you haven't got
Thanks for nothing, thanks a lot

Gonna blow you away
Gonna shut you down
Track Name: Rooftops, Part One
Swaying in the cold of the high evening sky
Blowing through an open window
Framing memories of better times

Blackened unforgiving heart husk burned out to a crisp
Viewing in the distance
The majestic will o wisp

Beckoning my footsteps, cross over the ledge
The fantastic light is calling me
From the concrete sledge

Stand among the rooftops, higher than the sky
Float into the atmosphere and feel my body fly

Float away from the earth forever

Falling to the earth, parting from the mortal plane
Flickering obscurity
Forever putting out the flame
Track Name: Pro-Death
Backed in the corner for twelve fucking years
Graduation comes early this year
With blood on your gowns and corpses on stage
Letting the animal out of his cage
the "freak" has snapped today that is proven
the badge stuck tight in my uniform, woven
a soldier of fortune, but none of it's good
I spend time on mercy more than I should
the screams just don't matter, none of you do
humiliated for years, but now I'm through
bullets are loaded, firearms are cocked
blindly I fire into the flock
spreading like pigeons, and ducks, and geese
you put me through hell, I give you no peace
as the blue break in, I put the gun to my head
goodbye mama your marine is dead

I'm pro death
To your death
This is the end
Fucking dead
Track Name: Cloaks
I spoke to god and he told me to die
So I killed those people because he lied
Do I deserve to be crucified with my mother watching?
Moses spoke to god he was a prophet
I spoke to god and now they're going to get me

I covered their cadavers with sheets in the grass
I can't take it, their gazes wont pass

Empty and cold, dark stare
The stench of iron in the air
Corpses cloaked in white
Bright in the black of night
Track Name: Cold Winds
Grey world
20 years with nothing to show for
Waste of life

The nights alone
Rattle my bones
Isolated in my thoughts
Brain cells sick, and rotting

Love is not enough
No amount of money is enough
Nothing is enough
To survive

Burdening existence
Discomfort to all around me
Eating every memory
Slice the vein and wait
Track Name: Sunshine
Like a shot in my veins
Like a rose grown through concrete
Like a child breathing in the first air
Laying in the sunshine, wind in your hair

I think your neat
I think your sweet
Stay in the sunshine with me
With me

I think your sweet
I think your neat
I think your beautiful
From head to feet

Grow old with me
Please die beside me

Like air into gold
Like the warm sun breaching the cold
A world without you
Is a world that's not for me
Track Name: King of the Swamp
The king of nothing
The king of nil
King of shit
King of an empty kingdom

Taste of piss
Morning breath
From sucking the dick
Forced down your throat

9 to 5
Striving to live
Not just to survive

Sun up to sundown
Black, white, and numb
The broken crown
Of my empty kingdom

I rule over
Absolute nothing
I have no control
Of my destiny

Freewill is a lie
Existence is a cycle
Born to work
Reproduce and die
Track Name: Rooftops, Part Two
Beckoning my footsteps, cross over the ledge
The fantastic light is calling me
From the concrete sledge

Stand among the rooftops, higher than the sky
Float into the atmosphere and feel my body fly
Track Name: Abandonment Issues
Where has everyone gone? You let them all leave. You pushed them away. They've abandoned you. Everyone leaves eventually. You told yourself that. They tried to tell you otherwise. You didn't trust them.

Good. Fuck them. Listen to your head. Listen to what you tell yourself. You're alone with only the constant, rigid dialogue of your mind.

You're a failure at everything you do. That will never change. Nothing will every change. Nobody will love you. Just stop.


I'm sorry.